How to Share Telegram Link: Your Comprehensive Guide

Welcome! We’ve all been in that situation, right? You’re on Telegram, part of an exciting group chat or channel, and you think, “I really want to invite my friends to this. But how?!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to delve into how to share a Telegram link. Whether it’s your personal chat link or a fun group chat, knowing how to share the link can greatly enhance your experience on the platform. It can allow for collaborations, connections, and conversations that could change your world. So, sit back, relax, and let’s navigate this journey together as we unravel the easy steps of sharing a Telegram link.

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Sharing Your Personal Telegram Link

Launch Telegram

Start by launching the Telegram app. This could be on your smartphone, tablet, or even your desktop.

Accessing Your Profile

If you’re on a mobile device, tap on the three lines at the top left corner and select ‘Settings’. If you’re on your desktop, click on the same icon, and pick ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.

Finding and Copying Your Personal Telegram Link

Under ‘Settings’, there’s an ‘Info’ section. There you will find an option that reads ‘Username’. If you haven’t set a username before, this is the moment. Once you do, your link will be ‘’. Tap or click on your username, and it’s ready to be copied!

Time to Share Your Link

Now the world is your oyster! You’ve got your Telegram link copied and you’re ready to spread the word. You can paste this link into a text message, email, a tweet, a Facebook post, or wherever you want to invite people to contact you. Just remember, anyone who has this link can send you a message on Telegram, so choose wisely on where and with whom you share it.

Sharing a Telegram Group or Channel Link

Open the Group or Channel

Launch the Telegram app on your device. Navigate your way to the group or channel that you want to share. Got it open? Excellent!

Navigate to Group or Channel Info

On a mobile device, tap on the group or channel name at the top of the chat. On the desktop app, click on the group or channel name.

Locate and Copy the Invite Link

In the info section, look for the ‘Invite Link’ section. It might be under ‘Permissions’ or ‘Administrators’ based on the kind of group or channel. Tap or click on it to copy it.

Share the Invite Link

Paste the invite link into a message, an email, a social media post, wherever you want to share it. As soon as someone taps on your link, they’ll be whisked away straight into your group or channel.

For Mobile Devices:

Tap on the ‘Invite Link’ or ‘Link’ option. There should be a ‘Copy’ or ‘Share’ option available. If you choose ‘Share’, your device will show you multiple options, such as sending the link via SMS, email, or other messaging apps.

For Desktop:

Right-click on the ‘Invite Link’ or ‘Link’ and select ‘Copy’. You can then paste it wherever you wish to share it. Just remember that anyone with the link can join, so think about where and with whom you share it.

The Case of Revoked Links

What happens if you share your link, and then you change your mind? Perhaps you posted it in a public place, and now you’re not comfortable with the idea of just anyone being able to join. No worries, Telegram has you covered.

You can simply revoke your link, which means that anyone who tries to use it after you’ve revoked it will hit a dead end. You can then create a new link and share it more selectively this time.

Important Note: Once you revoke a link, there’s no undoing it, so be sure before you hit that button.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are some tips and tricks to tackle common issues you might encounter:

The Link Isn’t WorkingIt could be that the link has been revoked. Try generating a new link and share it again.
Can’t Generate an Invite LinkThis could be due to your permissions in the group or channel. Only admins can create invite links. So, if you’re not an admin, you might need to have a chat with one to get the link.
The Link Leads to the Wrong PlaceDouble-check the link you’re sharing. It could be a simple case of copying the wrong link.
People Can’t Join the Group or ChannelCheck the privacy settings for the group or channel. It might be set to allow only certain users to join, or there might be a cap on the number of members.
The Username Link Isn’t WorkingEnsure your username doesn’t have any special characters or spaces. They’re not allowed and might be causing a glitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve shared my Telegram link, but some people can’t join. Why is this?

A: Check the group’s privacy settings or if the link has been revoked.

Q: Can I revoke a Telegram link once I’ve shared it?

A: Yes, you can revoke it and generate a new one if needed.

Q: Someone is spamming my group or channel using the link I shared. What can I do?

A: Revoke the link and consider creating a new one. You can also adjust member permissions.

Q: Can I have multiple active invite links for a single group or channel?

A: Yes, admins can generate multiple links for different purposes.

Take Control of Your Telegram Links

We’ve covered the essentials of sharing Telegram links, whether it’s for personal use, group chats, or channels. Remember, while sharing your Telegram link can be a fantastic way to connect with friends, family, or even grow a community, it’s important to share these links thoughtfully. Take control of your digital communications and enjoy a seamless experience on Telegram.

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