How Can You Capture a Samsung Screen?

If you want to know how to take a screenshot on Samsung, it’s easier than you might think and handy for saving or sharing high-resolution phone screens.

Using Button Combinations

The quickest method across all Samsung Galaxy devices involves using the physical buttons. Simply press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. This method captures what’s on your screen in a snap and saves it to your Gallery.

Swipe to Capture

Another intuitive method is to swipe the screen with the side of your hand. First, make sure the ‘Palm swipe to capture’ feature is enabled in your phone settings under Motions and gestures.

Using Your Voice with Assistants

You can also use voice commands with Google Assistant or Bixby. For Google Assistant, enable ‘Use Screen Context’ in the assistant settings. Then, activate the assistant and say, “”Take a screenshot.”” For Bixby, after the initial setup, just press the Bixby button and speak the command.

ButtonsPress simultaneouslyPower + Volume Down
SwipeSwipe your hand across the screenEnable ‘Palm swipe to capture’
Voice CommandSpeak the screenshot commandGoogle Assistant/Bixby

What’s Next After a Screenshot?

Once captured, find your screenshots in the Gallery under the ‘Screenshots’ album or access them through any file manager app to share or edit as needed.

Ready to Capture Everything?

This is your pathway to mastering how to take a screenshot on Samsung devices, streamlining your ability to save and share every moment captured on your mobile device.


Can I take a screenshot on a locked Samsung phone?

No, you need to unlock the device to take a screenshot.

Are screenshots instantly saved to the cloud?

Screenshots are saved to your phone’s Gallery; you can choose to back them up to the cloud manually.

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