How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Securing free access to YouTube Premium can enhance your viewing experience significantly. Here’s a detailed guide on several legitimate ways to achieve this without any charges.

Start with a Free Trial

30-Day Trial Offer

  • Visit the YouTube Premium page and select “Try for free.”
  • Choose your desired plan and provide payment details. Remember, no charges apply until after the 30-day period.

Referral Program Benefits

Earn More by Sharing

  • Use your unique referral link to invite friends.
  • For every successful sign-up, enjoy three months of YouTube Premium at no cost.

Exclusive Flipkart Plus Offer

Complimentary Six-Month Subscription

  • Join Flipkart Plus to gain a free six-month membership to YouTube Premium.

Leverage Google Family Groups

Share Your Membership

  • Create additional Gmail accounts and subscribe to YouTube Premium.
  • Log into Google Families with a Premium account and invite your main account.
  • Enable “Share Purchases and Memberships” to extend Premium benefits to your main account at no extra cost.

Google Play Music Perk

Added Value for Music Lovers

  • Existing Google Play Music subscribers can enjoy YouTube Premium as an added benefit.
  • Opt for a Family Plan in Google Play Music and automatically receive YouTube Premium access.

Explore YouTube’s Own Trial

One-Month Free Access

  • Register for a YouTube Premium trial directly to access all premium features for a month.
  • Ensure to cancel the subscription before the trial ends to avoid charges.

Strategies for Continuous Free Access

Initial Free TrialSign up through YouTube.30 days
Referral ProgramInvite friends and extend your free access.3 months per referral
Flipkart Plus MembershipGet a long-term subscription for free.6 months

Parting Thoughts on YouTube Premium

Utilizing these strategies not only provides extended YouTube Premium access but also enriches your entertainment and streaming experience. Embrace these tactics today to enjoy a richer, ad-free viewing journey.

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