How to Make a Duet on TikTok

If you find a TikTok video you want to include in your own video, you can duet it. But how do you make a duet video? Here’s everything to know about duetting on TikTok.

Many TikTok posts show multiple clips stacked next to each other in various layouts, where people dance, sing, and interact with other users. This feature is called a “duet”.

A duet on TikTok is when a user films their video next to another user’s original video to either respond, react, or add something new. Creative collaborations become easy with TikTok’s duet feature.

Some people have used the feature for virtual vocal duets or even choirs, with each video adding a new vocal line or instrument. The duet feature connects TikTok creators globally. A quick search using the hashtag “”duet”” reveals the range of creativity in these collaborations.

If influencers or famous TikTokers allow duets, you can appear in a video alongside your favorite creator, and sometimes they might even see and react to it.

How Do You Duet Someone on TikTok?

  1. Search TikTok for the video you want to duet.
  2. On the right-hand side of the video, click the arrow symbol to open the Share menu.
  3. In the bottom row of options, click the button with two overlapping circles, the Duet button.
  4. Click the Duet button to go to the filming screen.
  5. Film your video with the red button at the bottom of the screen. Your video will play alongside the original video.

How to Change the TikTok Duet Layout

Some users use different layouts, changing their video’s position relative to the original video. While some collages look complex, there’s a simpler way to change your duet layout than just the left and right combo.

  1. Open the duet as instructed above.
  2. Before filming, click the layout button on the side that looks like a square with a line through the middle.
  3. Select the layout you’d like to use.
  4. Click back on the video and film as desired.

How to Film a TikTok Duet with Audio

Some people may notice they cannot be heard over the original video when they film a duet, but this issue can be resolved simply.

  1. Open the duet screen as normal.
  2. Before recording starts, select the microphone option from the sidebar.
  3. If a diagonal line crosses the mic symbol, it means you are muted, and only the original video’s sound will be heard.
  4. If the symbol does not have a line through it, your voice will record along with the original audio.

How to Duet with a Saved Video

  1. Open Kapwing’s Collage Maker.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. Paste a TikTok link of the video you want to duet.
  4. Export and download your combined video.
  5. Upload the video to TikTok.

FAQs About the TikTok Duet Feature

What’s the Difference Between a Duet and a Stitch on TikTok?A duet video on TikTok is when two videos are created and played side-by-side in one video. A stitch is when the original video plays, followed by your addition, one after the other.
Why can’t I Duet on TikTok?Not all TikTok videos can be duetted. The creator must enable duets. If the video is not duet enabled, the duet button will be grayed out.
How Do You Duet on TikTok with a Pre-recorded Video?You’ll need to use a video editor like Kapwing’s collage editor to duet with a pre-recorded video. See above for full instructions.
Can You Duet Two Videos on TikTok?You can only duet one video at a time, but you can create a duet chain with multiple videos appearing side-by-side.
How Do You Duet Yourself on TikTok Without Posting?You can save the duet as a draft or choose to show the TikTok to “only me” in the privacy settings.
How Do You Know If Someone Duets You on TikTok?TikTok will notify you when someone tags you in videos. You can also search for “duet @[your username].”
How Do I Turn the TikTok Duet Feature On?On the screen where you enter a caption, there is an option to toggle duets on or off. You can also adjust this in the “Privacy settings” of a shared TikTok.
How Do I Duet on TikTok With My Own Sound?Make sure the mic button is on when recording your duet. You can also add a voiceover in the editing screen.

A World of Possibilities

TikTokers have used the duet function in many creative ways, and knowing the different options makes the process smoother. Whether it’s a vocal duet, a funny reaction, or an acting challenge, the duet feature allows endless creativity. Now you know how to make a duet on TikTok, go ahead and start collaborating with your favorite creators!

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